Hosted by Patrice Roy, Le téléjournal Grand Montréal 18 h is a comprehensive newscast covering local stories, as well as national and international affairs, sports and the weather. All news affecting the population of Montreal and its suburbs is covered in reports and in-depth exclusives, with a special emphasis on the many communities that enrich our city. Included in the daily line-up are an arts and entertainment segment with Tanya Lapointe and Claude Deschênes, the weather with Pascal Yiacouvakis, and sports news with Marie-José Turcotte.

Host: Patrice Roy
Executive producer: Bruno Bonamigo

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University: 169
FAMILY INCOME HH $100000+ : 111
Principal grocery shoppers: 109
Source: BBM Québec Franco, Fall 2011 (September 5 to December 11)

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